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If you’re looking to own a bright, comfortable, and healthy home, if what you desire most is to enjoy a centrally located apartment surrounded by amenities and well-connected, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you also care about the environment, prefer sustainable materials, and aim to maximize energy savings, come and visit us. You’ll be amazed by the quality of our finishes and the efficiency of our construction style.

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We build homes using our own methodology based on efficiency and environmental respect.

We are very selective in the choice of materials and only use the highest quality, most sustainable, and healthy ones.

That’s why all our new construction developments have an A energy label, achieving not only high levels of comfort and well-being but also an energy savings of nearly 50%.

Available homes


50 homes with parking and storage

c/Manuel Roca / Av. Montevideo

El Viver

Apartments with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
From 75 to 90 square meters.

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7 homes with large terraces

c/ Pep Ventura 15-17


Apartments with 3 bedrooms and 2/3 bathrooms.
From 82 to 127 square meters.

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BADALONA - Atalaia

22 homes with 1, 3, or 4 bedrooms and a communal swimming pool

c/ Pujol, 36


1 penthouse with terraces still available.
Optional parking space

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BADALONA - Camelia

12 homes in the heart of the city

c/ Camèlia, 67-69


Available apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms.

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EL PAPIOL - Jacint Verdaguer

32 homes with views

c/ Jacint Verdaguer

Jacint Verdaguer

Available apartments with 3 bedrooms.

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PALAMÓS - Santa Marta

5 single-family homes with a large terrace

c/ Santa Marta, 24

Santa Marta

Development of 5 single-family homes in the center of Palamós with parking and spacious terraces with views.

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BADALONA - Sta Bárbara

28 homes in the heart of the city

c/ Santa Bárbara 50-62

Santa Bárbara

28 homes and 43 parking spaces

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Other esepe&CO developments already sold

If you wish to discover other buildings we have previously constructed, here are some of the most recent examples.


14 homes on Sant Ignasi de Loiola Street


Development of 14 homes in the city center and
very close to the sea.
14 homes with parking space.

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6 homes on Rector Street


Listed historical building in the city center of Badalona. Rehabilitation of 6 spacious homes with garden areas.
Few neighbors and well-connected.

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20 homes at 23 Progrès Street


Very central development, with a large communal area including a swimming pool and open spaces.
20 homes with parking space and storage.

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Homes on Sant Gonçal Street


Energy-efficient building, energy rating A, located at 51 St. Gonçal Street. Excellent location in the city center, close to all amenities and well-connected by public transportation.

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Homes on c/ Progrès 161


EFFICIENT building with few neighbors, excellently located just a few meters from the beach and halfway between the city center and the port area.

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23 homes on Vila Vall Llebrera 40 Street


23 homes with a pool, storage room, and parking in the center of Badalona.

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We think differently, that's why we build differently

We care about the environment, and that’s why we build efficient, sustainable, and healthy homes.


We pay special attention to the insulation of the homes we build, ensuring maximum airtightness and minimizing thermal bridges. We achieve this through the use of high-performance windows and enclosures, as well as careful consideration of the most suitable orientation.

All of this is complemented by a controlled mechanical ventilation system to achieve energy savings of over 50% compared to the average of homes currently being built.


At esepe&CO, we are deeply committed to the environment. That’s why we choose materials with certifications for low environmental impact and low CO2 emissions. Additionally, during the construction phase, we implement efficient processes to minimize energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.


You will spend a lot of time in your new home with the people you love the most.

To make your home as healthy as possible, we not only take care of the materials used but also integrate a mechanical ventilation system that filters the air.

Our buildings are 
A label 
since 2014

And they consume 45% less energy than the average of Class A-rated homes in Catalonia.*

* Data extracted from the Building Energy Expenditure Reports issued by the Institut Català de l'Energia for our Atalaia and El Viver developments.

Our homes are spacious, bright, and comfortable

You will be able to enjoy good views, large terraces, and practical balconies

Who we are

esepe&CO is a company dedicated to the construction and development of homes with over 30 years of experience.

Since our establishment in 1987, we have strived to improve both our buildings and our processes. The result is our own construction methodology that combines careful and efficient architecture with state-of-the-art engineering, built upon the experience gained in traditional building methods.

As a result, we are able to develop sustainable homes with high energy efficiency and a healthy living environment.

You can discover more details in this explanatory video.

Atalaia development in Dalt de la Vila de Badalona

esepe&CO Guarantee

Experience, professionalism, and values


We have been dedicated to the construction and development of homes since 1987. We were the first to develop a building with an A energy rating in Badalona (2013).


We are committed to people and the environment. That's why we construct homes in a sustainable manner that improves the quality of life for their owners.


In each and every phase, from site location to the delivery of keys to the owners, including the construction and finishing of the homes.


Our engineering department is always attentive to technological advancements and industry trends in the construction sector with the aim of improving both the processes and esepe&CO homes.


esepe&CO integrates a professional and consolidated team that collaborates closely and shares values such as efficiency, honesty, and excellence.


Our commitment does not end with the delivery of the homes. Post-sales service is crucial for the greater satisfaction of the owners and to better understand their needs and preferences.

Buying an esepe&CO home is an excellent investment

Xavier Pérez, partner and CEO of esepe&CO, reviews the reasons why buying an esepe&CO home is a good investment. For example, the energy consumption savings, lower maintenance costs, and privileged locations that increase property value over time.

An esepe&CO home also represents an investment in health, quality of life, and the future.

If you want to learn more, watch this video.

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We are convinced that living in a low-consumption and healthy environment home should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we have launched this initiative with the aim of developing a methodology for constructing sustainable, efficient, and healthy homes at a reduced cost.

Our goal is for this methodology to be applicable to the construction of social housing or affordable housing.


We carefully and meticulously select the materials that we incorporate into our homes, as well as the necessary maintenance services. Here are some of our main suppliers.

Torrent de Vallmajor 98, 08915 Badalona

+34 684 46 01 70


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