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Your new home in the heart of Badalona

In the Coll i Pujol neighborhood, right in the center of Badalona, you will find the Santa Bàrbara development. It is a privileged location in an area of future development. The area is undergoing a transformation, with new homes and green spaces that make it an ideal place to live.

Enjoy the tranquility of the neighborhood, with all the advantages of being in the city center, just 3 minutes away from Pompeu Fabra square and a 20-minute metro ride to the center of Barcelona.

Homes that captivate

Santa Bàrbara is an exclusive development of 28 homes, all of them with spacious terraces that will allow you to enjoy the good weather and the views.

The homes are designed to maximize natural light, thanks to the east-west orientation of the building and its location facing a park. Enjoy a home flooded with sunlight and brightness throughout the day.

A community with a lot to offer

Santa Bárbara is not just a home but a community. The spacious interior communal area features a heated pool facing the inner park, ensuring natural light throughout most of the day.

Additionally, the work and socialization spaces will allow you to enjoy an active and community-oriented lifestyle without leaving home.

Commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and health

At esepe&CO, we believe that building efficiently, sustainably, and healthily is not an option but an obligation.

Our homes in Santa Bárbara are designed to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. With optimal energy efficiency, these homes will not only help you save on your electricity bill but also contribute to the preservation of the planet.

Santa Bàrbara is a project by esepe&CO, a company with extensive experience in promoting high-quality homes. We are characterized by our attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, and our work philosophy based on quality, sustainability, and innovation. In Santa Bàrbara, these values are evident in every aspect of the development.

The rendered images of the homes and the building presented in this contract are purely illustrative and representative. These images do not necessarily reflect the final appearance of the project or the properties, as they may be subject to changes, modifications, or alterations for various reasons, including but not limited to changes in applicable regulations, technical or design decisions, or other unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the development and construction process of the project.

Therefore, the promoters, builders, designers, and any other party involved in the project do not guarantee or make any statements regarding the accuracy, completeness, or fidelity of the rendered images in relation to the final state of the homes or the building of the development.

The images may also include representations of furniture and interior decoration. These elements are purely indicative and intended to provide a general impression of how the spaces could be furnished and decorated, but they are not part of the sales offer of the homes nor included in the purchase price. Buyers should understand that they are responsible for furnishing and decorating their homes according to their own preferences and at their own cost.

Therefore, buyers should not solely rely on the rendered images for their purchase decision, and they are encouraged to request additional information or clarifications about the project if they deem it necessary.

Description of the available homes

The details and characteristics of the 28 homes in the Santa Bàrbara development are included below.

You can view the floor plans by clicking on the link for each floor. The price does not include VAT.

PisM2 ConstruïtsDormitorisBanysTerrassa / BalcóPreuPlànol
Esc. A 1º1ª122m242Balcó 44m2594.500€ver
Esc. A 1º2ª103m232Balcó 21m2479.500€ver
Esc. A 1º3ª125m242Balcó 23m2554.500€ver
Esc. A 2º1ª122m242Balcó 44m2609.500€ver
Esc. A 2º2ª103m232Balcó 21m2VENUT
Esc. A 2º3ª125m242Balcó 23m2569.500€ver
Esc. A 3º1ª122m242Balcó 44m2VENUT
Esc. A 3º2ª103m232Balcó 21m2VENUT
Esc. A 3º3ª125m242Balcó 23m2VENUT
Esc. A 4º1ª187m242Balcó+terrassa 87m2VENUT
Esc. A 4º2ª138m232Balcó+terrassa 70m2VENUT
Esc. A 4º3ª138m232Balcó+terrassa 70m2VENUT
Esc. B 1º1ª80m222Balcó 17m2VENUT
Esc. B 1º2ª103m232Balcó 21m2479.500€ver
Esc. B 1º3ª120m242Balcó 18m2539.500€ver
Esc. B 1º4ª103m232Balcó 16m2469.500€ver
Esc. B 2º1ª80m222Balcó 17m2VENUT
Esc. B 2º2ª103m232Balcó 21m2VENUT
Esc. B 2º3ª120m242Balcó 18m2554.500€ver
Esc. B 2º4ª103m232Balcó 16m2VENUT
Esc. B 3º1ª90m222Balcó 17m2VENUT
Esc. B 3º2ª103m232Balcó 21m2509.500€ver
Esc. B 3º3ª120m242Balcó 18m2569.500€ver
Esc. B 3º4ª103m232Balcó 16m2VENUT
Esc. B 4º1ª138m232Balcó+terrassa 70m2VENUT
Esc. B 4º2ª138m232Balcó+terrassa 70m2VENUT
Esc. B 4º3ª155m242Balcó+terrassa 63m2VENUT
Esc. B 4º4ª134m232Balcó+terrassa 73m2VENUT

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